Virginia Credit and Debit Card Fraud Laws

There are many types of credit and debit card frauds, and they change as frequently as new technologies are launched. Hence, it is almost impossible to list them all in. But there are two main categories, viz. “card not present” and “present card.” Virginia credit and debit card fraud laws cover both these scenarios. “Card … Read more

Email Hacking Is A Serious Crime in Virginia

Today, the vast majority of us use all kinds of personal accounts on the Internet in our day to day activities with which we not only interact and communicate with our relatives, friends, and acquaintances but with whom we often work or deal with issues of an economic and financial nature. However, not everyone knows … Read more


Life, like that fountain – there is nothing eternal, the process of evolution is restlessly moving forward. Modern technologies that we encounter in everyday life and to which we are accustomed, are becoming more sophisticated, and the process of their improvement has recently reached a rapid growth rate. Almost every month we learn about different … Read more


Securing passwords of emails and social networks, disabling the location of the cell phone, ensuring care in the use of GPS and in what the photos that are shared online are some of the basic measures to prevent situations of virtual harassment, the online dissemination of private images and the “hacking” of social networks. When … Read more

Internet Hacking Charge Defense Lawyer Virginia

Accelerated development of society, its desire to abolish borders, integrate and globalize entail various consequences, unfortunately, not always positive. The achievements of science and technology, the creation of a worldwide Internet network have allowed crime to reach a new level and capture cyberspace, says an experienced internet hacking charge defense lawyer Virginia. Now the criminal does … Read more

Federal Cyber Crime Defense Attorney

Scams, identity theft as well as cybercrime threaten all of us. Each year, people and organizations lose billions of dollars due to cyber crimes, identity theft, and scams. No one is typically immune to such dangers. Both young individuals as well as adults are victims alike and if you assume you are too smart in order to become … Read more


Every day we see in the news that a Website has been hacked and that a database has been compromised. That scares us all. Not to go so far, recently Anonymous made “the biggest attack” in history, sneaking into the servers of GoDaddy, leaving with a single attack more than 50 million websites offline. Unfortunately, … Read more

Computer Hacking Charges Attorneys

Today, cybercrime has created an industry that generates billions of dollars of revenue each year, much of it fraudulent. It is estimated that more than three thousand billion dollars circulate every year and that it harms more than one million users per day, which is equivalent to fourteen victims per second. According to computer hacking … Read more


Certainly, our digital era has brought us many benefits from remote video surveillance for our homes using a simple cell phone to the possibility of making investments in almost any part of the world from a computer. However, it is also a fact that there occur new scams and internet frauds every day that try … Read more

Virginia Cyber Harassment Laws

Our children are growing up in a wholly digital world. There are few areas that are not influenced by the Internet. Even something as human as social interaction has been severely affected by the Internet and social networks. While technology allows open and free communication with almost anyone, it also brings inconveniences. For our children, … Read more