Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Fairfax Virginia

Child sexual abuse laws in Fairfax Virginia possess no tolerance for sexual assault crimes including abuse, rape, and sexual harassment. The Virginia Code § 63.2-100 stated that the child abuse refers to the forced involvement of children younger than 18 years into sexual acts. The Child sexual abuse laws in Fairfax Virginia covers children who are under the custody of their parents or care providers. The parents or care providers, who have been raising children are responsible for protecting their children from the risk of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by the adults.

Child sexual abuse laws in Fairfax Virginia explains that the term abuse refers to the acts of sexual exploitation experienced by children. The parents or care providers allowing the child to be engaged in the acts of sexual exploitation are considered to violate the rights of children and laws. The Carnal Knowledge of child belonging to age group of 13 years to 15 years is discussed under the age section 18.2-63 of Virginia Code. The Carnal knowledge covers sexual acts of sexual intercourse. Under child sexual abuse laws in Fairfax Virginia, if an individual carnally knows child belonging to the age group of 13 years to 15, the individual is expected to face 2 years to 10 years in prison.  The individuals suspected or proved to be guilty of sexual abuse of children can also have fine up to $ 100,000.

Child sexual abuse laws in Fairfax Virginia have stated penalties for individuals engaged in sexual abuse of children on the basis of the age group of the offender. According to these laws, if the offender is three years older than the victim, he might experience up to five years in the prison. At the discretion of the court or the jury dealing with the case, the individuals found to be engaged in sexual abuse of children might also experience up to 12 months in prison or fine for the $ 2,500.

The strict implementation of the laws of sexual abuse in Virginia had resulted in significant decline in the number of reported cases of sexual abuse. The dynamics of child sexual abuse are significantly different from the adult abuse. The disclosure of sexual abuse tends to be a process; rather than the single episode. Children rarely disclose sexual abuse; therefore, the parents or adult care providers of children are responsible for observing differences in behaviors and attitudes of their children, and the intended physical harm to children, as a result of sexual abuse. The laws of child sexual abuse in Virginia consider the adult population responsible for reporting the events of abuse.

The laws of child abuse in Virginia considers that the cases of child abuse must be reported immediately by parents care, providers, teachers, social workers, or healthcare workers. The immediate reporting of child abuse cases is in the best interest of the victim and family members of victims. Immediate reporting contributes to the collection of clinical evidence, leading towards the initiation of physical and psychological treatment of the abused child. The reporting of child abuse events might also contribute to saving the child from further episodes of sexual abuse.