Computer Hacking Charges Attorneys

Today, cybercrime has created an industry that generates billions of dollars of revenue each year, much of it fraudulent. It is estimated that more than three thousand billion dollars circulate every year and that it harms more than one million users per day, which is equivalent to fourteen victims per second.

According to computer hacking charges attorneys, the cybercrimes that are more frequent are related to aggravations and slander, harassment, child pornography, intellectual and/or infringing industrial property rights, and fraud among others, but mainly with the theft and the usurpation of the identity of the people.

There are also hackers who are dedicated to entering the computers to see information, extract data, etc., but they do it on their own.

Hacking consists of the illegal distribution and/or reproduction of software. Buying software means actually buying a license to use the software, and this license specifies the legal way to use such software. Any use that is made of the software beyond what is stipulated in the license constitutes a violation of this and possibly, of the laws that protect the intellectual property rights. Hacking is illegal and punishable according to law, whether deliberate or not.

As per the Virginia Code ยง 18.2-152.4, computer trespass is also referred to as computer hacking which is a Class 3 misdemeanor, carrying serious penalties. It typically involves the breaking into of a computer system to modify or alter the current settings. If you have been accused of such a crime, you must retain one of the most experienced computer hacking charges attorneys as soon as possible to help you get the best possible outcome.

The techniques most used for cybercrimes are mainly three:

Phishing: Consists in posing as a person or company of trust, generally use email, instant messaging, social networks to deceive the recipients in order for them to reveal their personal, banking, credentials access to services , etc.

The malware: it is a software or computer program that once installed on the computer or mobile device, spies on its actions, thus allowing to obtain data.

Hacking: It is access to the computer remotely without authorization from the user, say computer hacking charges attorneys.

Computer crimes or cybercrimes are typically identified into four groups:

Crimes against availability, confidentiality, and integrity of data and computer systems:

  • Illicit access to computer systems.
  • Unlawful interception of computer data.
  • Interference in the operation of a computer system.
  • Abuse of devices that facilitate the commission of crimes.
  • Offenses related to violations of intellectual property, assets and related rights, such as the copying and distribution of computer programs, or hacking, explain computer hacking charges attorneys.


  • Computer falsification through the introduction, deletion or deletion of computer data.
  • Computer fraud through the introduction, alteration or deletion of computer data, or interference in computer systems.

Offenses related to content:

  • According to computer hacking charges attorneys, besides aforementioned cybercrimes, other relevant offenses include producing, storing and sharing of contents of child pornography, by means of a computer system or possession of said contents in a computer system or data storage medium.