Driving on a Suspended License in Chesterfield – Virginia

As per the Code of Virginia,

  • 18.2-272. Driving after forfeiture of license.
  1. Any citizen found driving or operating any kind of vehicle, train or engine at the time they were deprived to do so
  2. upon sentenced for the offense of § 18.2-268.3 or 46.2-341.26:3 or of a violation set forth in subsection E of § 18.2-270,
  3. by § 18.2-271 or 46.2-391.2,
  4. after the license of the offender has been canceled pursuant to § 46.2-389 or 46.2-391, or
  5. in the offense of the set laws of a restricted license issued pursuant to subsection E of § 18.2-271.1, will be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor except as otherwise provided in § 46.2-391, and is subject to administrative revocation of the driver’s license pursuant to §§ 46.2-389 and 46.2-391.

Any individual condemned for 3 violations as per the defined sections within the time period of 10 years, will be sentenced for a Class 6 felony.

  1. Irrespective of complying with other limitations of the drivers privilege to operate or drive an automobile, if any Virginian driver’s privilege has been revoked, suspended or restricted due to the violation of § 18.2-36.1, 18.2-51.4, 18.2-266, 18.2-268.3, 46.2-341.24, or 46.2-341.26:3, the offender caught driving and having a 0.02 percent or more blood alcohol content will be found violating this section.

Any suspected person caught in violating this subsection will have to take a preliminary breath test as per the provisions of § 18.2-267, will be obliged to give their consensus for a blood and/or breath sample for investigation as per the provisions of § 18.2-268.2, and, if the suspect is found of this subsections violation, shall be subject to the provisions of §§ 18.2-268.1 through 18.2-268.12.

  1. Any individual operating or driving or an automobile while lacking a verified ignition interlock system as per the requirement by § 46.2-391.01 will be held under a Class 1 misdemeanor. The offender will also be subjected to the cancelation of their driver’s license pursuant to §§ 46.2-389 and 46.2-391.

These are some reasons why any Chesterfield – Virginian’s driver’s license can get suspended or revoked.

  1. If a driver fails to pay the required uninsured vehicle charges.
  2. If a driver fails to pay the court fine or fee for motor vehicle misdemeanors.
  3. If a driver fails to maintain the necessary vehicle insurance as per the required Virginian law.
  4. If required by the law, failing to complete the driver improvement clinic course.
  5. If the driver is found guilty of reckless driving, the license can be suspended.
  6. If a driver neglects to make the payments of any pending jail fees.
  7. If the driver’s record has frequent traffic offenses resulting in an extreme total of demerit points.

Get Help from Your Chesterfield – Virginian Traffic Law Attorney

The penalty and charges of driving on a revoked license can be severe for a Chesterfield resident to handle by themselves. Hire an experienced and skilled traffic law attorney to help you defend and win your case. If you have been placed with the charges of driving on a suspended license in the state of Virginia, do not try to handle your case without the help of your skilled Virginian attorney. Your attorney will be there to fight your case and result in it favorable outcome for yourself.