Fairfax Virginia stalking laws

Stalking is the type of crime which involves the creation of harassment for any purpose. usually criminal harass or follows another person by expressing threats of death or violence. There is no compensation against these laws. The laws for stalking vary from state to state. In order to get protection, one must get legal advice to save a life.

Usually celebrities and political leaders have to face such stalking or harassment from the fans or from members of other parties. Sometimes ex-boyfriend or girlfriend do such act to bring back his/ her lover in a life. Thus, it is the serious crime these days as people are not afraid of harassing others and may take a step to do murder of the victim.

Fairfax Virginia stalking laws

According to Virginia stalking laws that define a crime in which the call of any person places a family or other person in threat or fear of death or violence. Sometimes the criminal harasses another person with body injury or sexual assault. Virginia court has announced strict laws against such person and does not allow any compensation for this offense.

Stalking protective order

You can seek a protective order in case if you find someone harassing another person. The order includes to stop him on further stalking to another person. Try to stop contact between the criminal and victim. The contact may be by phone, email or nay social media source. Order the stalker to stay away from house or office otherwise he will be responsible for his consequence.

Penalties and punishment for stalking

Fairfax Virginia stalking laws states that the criminal will be charged penalty according to misdemeanor and rest of the orders for the punishment the jury will decide according to the severity of the offense.

In case if a person is charged again with this offense than he will be given punishment according to felony 6 and he has to go to jail for five years.

Hire a lawyer to get rid of stalking criminal

The person who is fed by such harassment creating person and want to get rid of, he can take help of a lawyer in his state. In Fairfax, Virginia Law offices of SRIS P.C. have such attorneys who will help to come out of this situation. Provide him authentic evidence, the lawyer will take statements from the witness and make a strong case against the criminal.

As soon as the hearing will start, the criminal is called to a court. When evidence and witness will be against the criminal, the jury will automatically charge him with the penalty as well as punishment of particular offense and you will be free of such harassments.

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