How to lower a reckless driving charge in Richmond VA?

Under the light of rules prescribed by the Government of Virginia, traffic violations are considered to be a serious offense, due to which severe penalties are imposed on the driver. Depending on the complexity of the charge, punishment is enforced by the court, but when it comes to the act of reckless driving penalties become even stricter. Reckless driving is considered to be a more serious and dangerous offense than that of an improper or careless driving. Residents of Virginia usually become confused regarding both terminologies. Any individual found guilty of driving rashly putting lives and property of people around in danger is subjected to a reckless driving charge while in case of improper or careless driving a person is found guilty of driving neglectfully.

In case of improper driving a person is accused of a traffic infraction, where following penalties are imposed on the guilty:

  • A maximum fine of up to $500 is charged on the accused;
  • A maximum of 3 DMV points are charged on the driving record of the driver. These points stay in the driving record for a tenure of three years;
  • Driving license is not suspended;
  • Driver is not eligible for an imprisonment.

As discussed earlier reckless driving is considered to be a more serious and dangerous traffic violation than that of improper or careless driving, therefore more severe penalties are imposed in case of this offense. Under the light of Virginia law following are the enforced penalties on the accused:

  • Suspension of driving license for a certain time span;
  • Guilty is enforced to the imprisonment of six months or an year;
  • A fine of up to $2500 is charged on the accused;
  • 6 points are charged on the driving record of the accused. These points stay on the driving record for eleven sequential years.

In case of complex charges, an accused is usually subjected all of the above mentioned punishments by the court. However, one argue in the court in order to lower these penalties. In order to reduce punishments one has to prove in the court that however, the offense was committed but it was not harmful anyone. This can lower your accusation of ‘reckless driving’ to ‘improper driving’ where penalties imposed are comparatively lesser. However, one cannot do this without the help of a legal support and representative. You need not to worry when SRIS Law Group is here.

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