Improper driving in Loudoun Virginia

Laws designed by US Government in regard to traffic violation are stricter than that of rest of the world. Improper driving does not refer to any offense, instead under the Virginia law is defined as a subtle state of reckless driving in which punishments of an accused are lowered to an optimal level. Reckless driving is considered to be a serious offense, more particularly it is defined as an act in which a person is found driving recklessly with a speed of more than 20mph, while putting people around in great danger. Following are the strict penalties imposed in case of reckless driving:

  • Guilty is sentenced with an imprisonment of six months or twelve months at maximum;
  • Guilty is sentenced with a fine of up to $2500 at maximum;
  • Guilty is charged with six DMV points on the driving record where they stay there for eleven sequential months;
  • Driving permit of the guilty is more likely to be suspended.

These punishments depict the severity of the offense. However, in court punishments sentenced depend upon the following factors:

  • Previous driving record of the accused;
  • Behavior of the accused with traffic sergeant and court;
  • Previous criminal record of the accused;
  • Whether the speed limits were mentioned on the particular area, or not?

Postulate 1 depicts that a person’s prior record matters a lot,  therefore any person already accused of a reckless driving charge has 6 DMV points on his or her driving record, which hinders in his or her driving activities for next eleven months. This can disturbs one life badly, therefore one must strive hard in order to overcome these severe penalties. This can only be done with the help of a legal adviser. A legal adviser can help you in reducing your charge to an improper driving charge where strength of these penalties is lowered. In case of an improper driving charge following penalties are imposed on the accused:

  • Accused is charge with a fine of not more than $500;
  • Accused is charged with three demerit points on the driving record that stays there for three years;
  • Accused is not sentenced of imprisonment;
  • Accused is not considered eligible for driving license suspension.

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