Life, like that fountain – there is nothing eternal, the process of evolution is restlessly moving forward. Modern technologies that we encounter in everyday life and to which we are accustomed, are becoming more sophisticated, and the process of their improvement has recently reached a rapid growth rate. Almost every month we learn about different inventions and discoveries or presentations of new technologies. Because of this, the conditions and way of life on the whole planet change with the constant development of mankind, and these changes, like everything new, need timely and close attention to the appropriate regulation of social relations associated with such changes.

Cybercrime and hackers, computer hacking, are words that you will not surprise anyone. Scientists all over the world are actively discussing the problems in countering crimes in the use of computer technology. Thus, the practice of applying the relevant norms of criminal liability legislation is developing quite quickly. When it comes to the Commonwealth of Virginia, the penalty for computer hacking in Virginia is quite harsh.

In our time, computer crimes are one of the most dynamic groups of socially dangerous encroachments. The rates of the spread of these crimes are increasing very rapidly, and their dynamics and danger are constantly growing. Of course, this is due to the accelerated development of science and technology in the field of computerization, as well as the constant and rapid expansion of the scope of computer technology. The penalty for computer hacking in Virginia and relevant cybercrime charges can range from a sentence of up to 12 months in prison to a sentence of maximum 20 years in jail.

The spread of computer viruses, fraud with plastic payment cards, theft of funds from bank accounts, the theft of computer information and violation of the rules for the operation of automated electronic computing systems is far from a complete list of such crimes. They are called differently: cybercrime, computer crimes, crimes in the field of computer technology, crimes in the field of computer information. In the literature for a wide range of readers there are often two terms: “cybercrime” and “computer crimes”.

As per Virginia Code § 18.2-152.3, computer fraud is most often explained as the activity by a person who employs a computer device or network without obtaining prior required authorization and who:

  • Obtains services or property under false pretenses
  • Converts the property of another person
  • Commits larceny or embezzles

The penalty for computer hacking in Virginia is potentially significant. In case the computer fraud of stolen items is below $500, then such criminal act would be punishable simply as a Class 1 misdemeanor. On the other hand, the computer fraud of the stolen items is above $500, then it will be charged as a Class 5 felony.

As per the Virginia Code § 18.2-152.4, computer trespass is a Class 3 misdemeanor carrying severe penalties, which is also known as computer hacking. It also involves the breaking into of a computer system to modify or alter the current settings. In essence, cybercrimes are socially dangerous acts that are somehow related to cyberspace and computer information modeled by computers.

Since the penalty for computer hacking in Virginia is immensely severe and if you are accused of computer hacking charges, it is imperative to retain a well-versed defense attorney to protect your rights and help you obtain the most optimistic outcome in your favor.