Reckless Driving Fines in Fairfax Virginia

“Reckless driving” is a dangerous phenomenon, especially considering our realities, where often the owner of a more expensive car has more opportunities to avoid responsibility for the committed crime. Therefore, reckless driving fines in Fairfax Virginia have been established to mitigate the risks associated with driving recklessly.

A car is a mechanism that has brought many comforts to you, but at the same time, it poses you to numerous threats when it is misused and thoughtlessly exploited. Reckless driving fines in Fairfax Virginia are calculated in accordance with the procedure established under the code applicable in Fairfax Virginia, as per our legal advisor. An offense involving driving recklessly in the traffic rules is considered to be the most serious, due to which, penalties may even lead to imprisonment. Additionally, drivers who are particularly found guilty of death on the road due to driving recklessly, in any case, go to jail. At that time, you can call our legal attorneys, and you will feel satisfied as they take the situation under their control.

The attorneys of our law firm protect drivers from falsifications of road accidents and from illegal actions of traffic policemen. In addition to this, our lawyers provide legal assistance to drivers by phone due to their 24/7 availability. Although sometimes for “reckless driving” there are only two individuals involved, while at times many are affected by it. In some places, such as Fairfax Virginia, reckless driving is even separately identified at the legislative level and is referred to criminal offenses. As a result, reckless driving fines in Fairfax Virginia are imposed on individuals as driving recklessly falls under criminal and not administrative regulation.

The research of our lawyer state that the most susceptible to aggression are men with an average age of 33 years. And they usually admit that they themselves often violate the rules of the road. Among them, there are not only drivers of cars, but also passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and even pedestrians. A large-scale medical study of this phenomenon did not reveal any pathology in the majority of offenders, although some still had disorders that could cause aggressive behavior, but not only in road conflicts.

With respect to reckless driving fines in Fairfax Virginia, the offense comes under the category of misdemeanor pertaining to class one. As a result, any individual found under violation for driving recklessly is liable to pay a penalty that may go up to $2500 along with imprisonment of one year in case of the decision of the court.

In the United States, the term “reckless driving” is legislated only in Virginia. Since it is considered as a criminal offense, the measure of responsibility based on which it is determined depends on the manner of its demonstration and the consequences that have occurred. New fines for driving under the influence of alcohol came into effect after approval by the State of Virginia. They imply a significant tightening of control measures. Prior to this, for driving in a drunken state, only administrative penalties were applied.

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