Reckless Driving Prince William Virginia Penalty

Reckless driving is a serious issue all around the globe. Reckless driving actually refers driving carelessly, without any attention which causes some serious issues. Reckless driving has very bad consequences. It not only affects people’s property but it is also very dangerous for human’s life. Although all around the world reckless driving is not acceptable but it is considered as a major crime in US. Just like the other crimes Reckless driving is not an easily ‘’Pay and leave” kind of crime especially in places like Virginia. According to the Virginia law, in general reckless driving rule, which comes under the code section 46.2-852, any person who is caught in driving recklessly and putting life and property of people in danger would have to face Penalties. Law of Virginia in term of reckless driving is very strict. Reckless driving is an offense of high punishment that the driver can go to jail as well

As In Virginia reckless driving is considered as serious criminal offense so punishments for the reckless driving in Virginia are follow as:

  • A fine of not more than $2500
  • A potential jail sentence for 12 months
  • Cancellation of the license for the period of 6 months
  • 6 demerit points on the driving license

All around the world reckless driving causes troubles for the people but consequences which drivers in Virginia have to face are much stricter than any other place. Court sometimes even gives extra penalties to the driver if the track record of a person is not satisfactory, so this is the reason why the rules and regulations of Virginia are considered as tough in comparison to any other place.

Law policies in Virginia regarding the reckless driving are very strict. Mostly you are being punished in respect to your speed of the car. If a person is driving more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit or over 80 miles per hour, that person will be charged with reckless driving because of the over speeding. Sometimes it also depends on traffic police that why they are citing you for reckless driving. They can also charge you the fine if they find that your way of driving is not appropriate. Along with these, if any person is driving with a normal speed but causing the damage to any person or property could also be charged for the reckless driving.

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