Taking Indecent Liberties with a Child Virginia

What are Indecent Liberties?

Indecent liberty is a sexual offense without actually touching the other person or force them to touch you or any of your body part. Indecent liberties are when a person shows physical body parts in front of someone intentionally. It is a crime in Virginia, and it gets even more severe and serious if a person does it in front of any minor or a kid. The law of Virginia prohibits any act where a person reveals any physical body parts such as the genitals, female breast, anus or buttocks.

Indecent liberties with minor apply when a kid is 15 years old or younger than that. Anyone who is older than 18 years old will be charged with indecent liberties exposure if they are found guilty of the crime.

Penalties for Taking Indecent Liberties with Minor

Following are the situations in which a person shouldn’t be involved in or else they will be charged with class 5 felony and as a sex offender for their whole life.

  • Exposing your genital or sexual parts to a minor or forcing a minor to expose their genital or sexual parts in front of someone else or you
  • Fondling any minor’s sexual or genital parts or making them feel fondled or forcing a minor to get fondled or to feel their genital or sexual parts against someone’s body
  • Any sexual act such as sexual intercourse, anal intercourse, fellatio, cunnilingus or anilingus in front of the minor or causing any offense to the minor
  • Asking, forcing, inviting or proposing a minor to get into a vehicle, room, house or any other place for exposing
  • Any person who entice a minor with money, something of value, property or any other thing to come to a specific place, or a vehicle, will be counted as felony 5

If a person is convicted twice for the same crime then usually, the sentencing and penalties become more serious. If a person is charged with the felony 5 in indecent liberties crime and it happens again once he completes the imprisonment or pays the fine, then this might turn into class 4 felony and the sentencing and fines will get even more severe and serious. Although according to some law sources, class 4 felony also applies on indecent liberties, the penalties and the sentencing remains same which is $100,000 and maximum of 20 years in jail or even both in severe cases.

If a person is involved in any activity which forces a minor to have any sexually explicit scene, activity or material, then the defendant will directly be charged with the felony 5.