Virginia Grand Larceny Laws

Regarding Virginia law, there is no definition of theft. Instead, all kinds of theft or any activities related to theft are simply regarded as larceny. Theft means that you have taken something from someone without their consent and you have no intention of giving it back. According to the laws in Virginia, there can be larceny of poultry, objects, merchandise, bank notes, animals, check or even unauthorized use of air crafts.

If you conceal something that you have stolen, it is also regarded as larceny in the state.  Not only stealing goods yourself but also receiving things that have been stolen is also considered as larceny in Virginia. The larceny may be petite or grand. Petite larceny is the one in which the amount of stolen goods costs less than $200. In this case, the person can be jailed for 12 months, and the fine is the same as grand larceny.

In some cases, both the punishments are given.  Grand Larceny is considered when the following conditions are happening:

  • If the price or value of things that have been stolen is over $200
  • If the property that is taken from someone is a firearm

In the law, grand larceny is regarded as a felony and in this condition; a person can be imprisoned in a state facility for 12 months. This period can last for five years too. However, the imprisonment period cannot go over 20 years. Judges can also decide to treat grand theft as a misdemeanor. This happens when the person who is accused has a previously clean record. Also, a judge might do this when the value for those objects is not a lot over $200. Anyone who is guilty maybe jailed or fined. The fine for this offense is not over $2500.

Civil Penalties

There are not only criminal charges but also some civil ones. For example, if a person has shoplifted, he is liable to civil penalties.

That person has to pay the shop owner twice the amount of money that the thing is valued at. The penalty can be up to $350, but if the merchandise is in a sellable condition, the shop owner cannot take more money from the offender.

The offender is also made to pay the court costs for the merchant who should not be more than $150.

If there are three offenses done by the same person, the jail time goes from one year to five years. This is a class 6 felony. The fine cannot exceed $2500.

Being accused of grand theft or actually being an offender is not good for reputation. A person who is facing this can face many problems in the workplace, in educational fields and just in general life. For example, if you want to take a loan or apply for a job, your unclean criminal record could cause a hindrance in that. If you think that you have been accused falsely, it is best to get legal help.